For What Reason Are Nigerians Uninformed Of Their National History? Says Atajite Ausa

For what reason are Nigerians uninformed of their National History?

I would hack it up to numerous not really caring some state that history isn’t in the educational plan yet where I live Nigerian History isn’t in the educational program yet I’ve taken in a great deal about Nigerian history and various figures and no offense to Any Southern Nigerians or grunt spice Nigerians yet it’s common from southerners just as Northerners yes yet as far as I can tell simply online I discover more verifiable obliviousness originating from Nigeria’s south than the north how I know is generally on the grounds that when somebody specifies something as chronicled truth on Nairaland whether it be Dan Fodio or Boko Haram or which religion is more tranquil truly brisk google look and top to bottom perusing typically pulverizes a contention

my point is numerous Nigerians eventually couldn’t care less about history and some possibly care when it accommodates their situation in a contention intended to put down another person obviously this shouldn’t imply that their are t Nigerians that care about history a ton however regularly the case is they find out about a particular locale of the country and just glacé over information from different pieces of the country

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